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Sunday, April 19

GreenMango.com : Big Idea

Pix. McCarty & Nandini
Stumbled upon this cool business venture while browsing ET.
Greenmango.com - a Hyderabad based local small business listing on the web started by two women entrepreneurs - Yasmina McCarty(a former advertising manager)and Nandini Narula(a former Silicon Valley techie) both with a passion for microfinance and social enterprise.

Greenmango.com gives an address and provides a place-holder for service providers such as carpenters, tailors or plumbers who remain virtually anonymous outside their immediate localities, since they do not (and often cannot) reach out to potential customers through advertisements.

The site isn’t a typical classifieds service. It provides rich, detailed data on local businesses in an organised manner with interactive features like public ratings and user reviews...

With 25,000 registered businesses, GreenMango has done well for itself in its first year. It also offers ‘concierge’ services to customers and will soon expand to Bangalore,Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata!!

Good luck to Yasmina and Nandini. It's a real cool service and a Big Small Idea!
Also a good example of maybe the long tail of small local service...

If only they had this service before, I could track down Kalim, the handyman who made our kitchen in my first flat and did all the painting and electric work. A most reliable and honest soul..

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DesiApps said...

to be frank its a copy idea.. this is http://www.redbeacon.com/ which got best techcrunch startup award