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Thursday, December 28

Bekaar and Bekaar

I have been wanting to rant about the Brand Equity 'Best, Bekaar' poll and BE in general for some time now. Yesterday's cover story on SRK Vs Amitabh provided the right fodder.

SRK vs Amitabh, for starters is an idiotic comparison. Even otherwise, it's received it's share of coverage as a 3 part series in Financial Express and the cover story in India Today this fortnite! To top it, the BE article hardly had any new point to make on a rather irrelevant subject!

Increasingly I think, barring the odd syndicated articles from Wharton school, Campaign, Economist etc., most of Brand Equity reads like a Stardust of Ad World rather than analysis of major brand/marketing related issues...
True, it does have data, fancy charts and odd comments from experts but the rigour of research and editorial analysis is largely absent!!

I do remember till sometime back, it used to have much better editorial quality(of course relative to the BS Strategist).

It is becoming too page 3ish. And major stories read like racy thrillers rather than sound argument/ analysis. And a large number of stories would fall under the category - Bekaar!! It's a pity that the nation's premier(?) advertising supplement must abandon quality in favour of sensationlism.

Which brings me back to the Best-Bekaar column(which slots new TVCs under the two slots). I don't know who the panel is, but often their judgement is erratic and devoid of any advertising sensibility! Would put the column itself under permanent 'Bekaar':-)

I guess BE should go for a change of nomenclature to suit its new pg3 positioning and content!

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