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Monday, September 15

Talking To Mobisumers - some thoughts

I have to speak at the afaqs Mobile Conversations seminar on Friday in Mumbai.

Actually, it's quite telling how the average analog ad agency in Mumbai/ India thinks so little about/around the mobile. And even when we do, we don't really factor in the mobile consumer( a whopping 280mn of us). Most of the time we trim our TV ideas to fit the small screen and 140 characters.

Just putting some WIP thoughts for my talk. Would look forward to any comments/ thoughts, suggestions, case studies, etc. Anything?
I think as an advertiser/ marketer communicating through/ to the mobile must be sensitive to the following:

1. Snackable - All mobile content must be snackable. We are limited by the constraints of 140 characters, a very small screen, a partially attentive consumer and intrusion into her personal space!

2. Shareable - Unlike TV communication/ marketing content on the mobile is shareable...Therefore, mobile creative content must capitalise on this.

3. Low Fat - We must not overload the information content in our marketing messages. Keep it low fat!! Send me stuff in two sms. Just tell me one fact at a time.

4. Personal - The mobile is a personal, often a private medium/ screen. So, beyond a point our TV intrusion tactics will not work/ backfire for brands. It's a one-to-one conversation that we need to have...Don't call me on a Sunday after-noon to sell some God damn credit card even if it's platinum!!

5.Informal - Brand communication on the mobile can/ ought to have an informal tone/ content. Can we have a Friday Dressing code for mobile marketing:-)

6. Anytime - There is no fixed time for the mobile marketing message. We don't have to wait for prime time or cricket matches or saas bahu soaps to start the conversation. And with the extended and 24X7 reach, it puts an added responsibility on marketing...

7. Talk Value - Because the medium is highly shareable, brands can generate a lot of Talk Value if they craft the content right and seed it properly. Consumers can generate a ripple effect of INFLUENCE for our brands...

8. Generation Less - Especially in the Indian context, where the mobile is often shared within the family, we must be sensitive that marketing communication might have to have an across the generation appeal...

That's all for the moment...Do write to me post Friday and will mail the presentation...


Priyanka said...

Probably mobile marketing messages can be on the lines of scrapping or twitting. So something short and concise. I think that would be best for Indian market where people still use the older phone models.
For an iphone or E71 user, a meatier message could be sent cause it has colour and big screen feature.
So probably some statistics about the mobile models we are targeting would be useful. What do you think?

john said...

Nice thoughts Manish,
The only addition I'd make is a nice, cold bottle of soda to wash it down with.

In other words, mobile cannot be a campaign on it's own. In fact after a full packet of chips, one needs other refreshment.

To provide full nourishment, the tiny, snackable, informal, anytime/where treats must be linked to a larger feast of ideas. In larger formats and with more meat and veges.

And it should have a direction, and be part of an ongoing buffet, rather than just a take-away snack in itself. In other worlds, some kind of activation goal beyond just branding.

Manish said...

thanks john... sorry for the late revert. the seminar went well!!

Manish said...

agree with you priyanka! targetting by handset model makes lot of sense!

in fact in bluetooth enabled marketing promos , we often do that.