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Monday, January 26

NDTV (Reimagine)

Like many people I have gradually been edged out of TV viewing by a combination of inane content and crass packaging...But once in a while I do end up watching some TV.

So last evening I was watching "Oye, it's Friday" on NDTV Imagine. Honestly, the show needs to be rebranded - "Oye, it's Everyday" as I suspect it auto-repeats itself after every 18 hours or so.

In the hybrid genre of chat-shows, this show is everything you want/don't what it to be. A chat-show meets cheap skits meets bad jokes meets celebrity guests meets Q&A sessions replete with the now ceremonial band and canned audience participation.

Anyways, this post is not about the intrinsic quality of the show. I don't see too many of these to be able to compare or benchmark. Neither do I have the inclination nor do they deserve an analytical appraisal!

What hit me in the gut was the sight of "cheerleading girls" before every break. How I wished my 36inch LCD would shrink so that the gyrating pelvic thrusts wouldn't fill half my bedroom. And when young Neo sauntered into the room with the well-honed sense of ill-timing of a growing kid, I had to holler him out.

Have we become so void of quality content that the only recourse to boosting TRPs is to thrust heaving bosom and gyrating bottoms into national TV??

To what level would the TV channels stoop to shore up their TRPs!! What is worse, just one channel needs to introduce such irresponsible stuff before they become the norm.

Next we can expect, cheergirls in News Channels and maybe even in mythological soaps...And by year end maybe, it might even win the 'Media Innovation of the Year Award"!!

Please log onto www.makemyTVwatcheableagain.com to post your comments...I am afraid such a site doesn't exist at the moment but very soon we might have to reimagine!!!


Smiling Dolphin said...

fully agree, except with the 'media innovation of the year' comment!!!

Tanaya said...

hmmmm 36 inch lcd screen and all haan!!! he he :p

Manish said...

oh i was merely ranting Lynn:-)
but anything is possible in these twisted times!!!

reptile said...

Fair play on new channels. BUt it's been happening for a while - remember "Little Prince", "Terrorists Attack Mumbai" (and one of them chooses to call a news channel!). Nothing new there - maybe we're letting them do this?

On a related note, did you catch the "We the People" this weekend? "Does advertising reflect contemporary culture" was the topic - with some vigorous (and hilarious) participation by panelists. Funny stuff, because we're still debated advertising executions that are 10 years old!

I would think a lot has changed in 10 years, wouldn't you?

As you'd well imagine, the conversation didn't go anywhere constructive. If anything, I sensed some of the panelists were upset at the kind of influence advertising has on a consumer's decision making process.