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Saturday, January 24

Walk the Talk with Salim Khan

Last Sunday after a long time was taking a morning walk on the Bandstand promenade. Halfway through the walk, my wife spotted the celebrity script-writer of yester years Salim Khan(Salman's father) walking towards us.

I gathered myself to speak to the legendary Salim Khan of the Salim-Javed fame. Over the next 10 odd minutes, I could mentally jot the following nuggets which am sure to weave someplace into my brands and Bollywood book.

1. He was particularly peeved at the media-grabbing attention seeking lifestyles of the newer writers and directors...Said he - "Ab Ashutosh ko hi le lijiye. Achchi film banayi, par aajkal jyada waqt ribbon kaatne mein ya TV pe discussion karne mein nikaal deta hai". "Main maanata hoon ki Art is nurtured in isolation and exhibited in public".

2. Salim saheb had watched Chandni Chowk to China the previous evening with his friends and was still reeling under it's effect:-) He blasted the writer..."Ab Bollywood story likhna koi atom bomb banane jaisa nahin hai, phir bhi aaj kal ke writer mein woh sensibility nahin hai aam zindagi ko capture karne ki".

3. Writer ko patience chahiye. Bolye kam, suniye jyada...

By this time we had walked off to one end of the premenade. He then started reminiscing about his younger days, his love for fast cars and a fast life. How Salman recently gifted him a Triumph 500. What made "mere pass ma hai" work the magic and get into popular culture.

He was sweet enough to give me his ghar ka number. So maybe a chai with Salim Khan may soon happen...As I pen this post, the vortex of a thought seizes me - "Maybe one should never meet the legends and the greats once they are past their prime. Because reality may end up diluting the myth in the mind!"


Tanaya said...

i love the way u r going all out and enjoying your book writing spree.. it's an inspiration and seems worth all the fun..:)

Manish said...

thanks tanaya. i just hope the book comes out half as good:-)

theBollywoodFan said...

Hi Manish, I made my way here searching for Salim Khan info. I'll be checking out your other posts. Just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing these notes :)

I've been thinking of #2 and its relationship to taglines to Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008) and Billu (2009). Curious to get your thoughts on a film's marketing campaign feeling the need to explicitly note (as opposed to imply) that it intends to capture the essence of the 'aam zindagi'. And please do tell more of your Bollywood book!


Manish said...

hi you can connect with me on mannsinha@gmail.com. lets catch up over beer/ coffee soon. I need lots of help on Bollywood:-)