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Thursday, March 31

Once Upon A Time the World was Different

Once Upon A Time I was just a happy planner doling out power-point slides by the dozen:-)

And then 'one day', actually over many days and a few months, the first idea - Cinnamon Stays(which had nothing to do with ads, or planning) took shape. Read the Cinnamon story here. Our small hospitality brand built through social media is rated No.1 on Trip Advisor now!

Emboldened:-) three weeks back I started my second company - Once Upon A Time - a story telling and brand 2.0 consultancy.

Once Upon A Time is a consultancy built for a branding/ marketing world that is changing faster than we can comprehend or make sense of. A world in which perhaps the old rules of messaging and branding are not working as well as before. A world where we may have new tools and metrics, but lack the required shift in mindset...Check out OUAT on fb!

OUAT will be a journey of shared learning and unlearning. And I plan to help brands(more small than big) discover their stories, their voice, their personality -one post, one conversation, one tweet at a time...

Through OUAT I plan to consult on stuff that I understand - strategy, social media, consumer insights in a digital & networked world and collaborate with individuals and companies on related stuff...

So, today I was happy about Swapan's (Seth) new company -ThisContent- a content and conversation management one. Similar to OUAT, sans (overtly) the story bit. Though I assume the story part would be implicit in it.

Happy that somebody of Swapan's experience launches a content and conversation company. Because many marketing managers/ brand heads still continue to be in these states -

1. What the f*** is social media state
2. Paralysis by ROI state
3. Get-me-fans, track-my-brand-name-mentions state and so on...

The deeper shifts to a conversation, dialogue, trust and recommendation-led consumer world is lost on many...But the future is already here, it's just unevenly distributed:-)

Contact me on mannsinha@gmail.com or call/ sms 9650400466 for (a)social media led projects, (b) social media consultancy assignments, (c)'immersion into social media' workshops, (d) 'branding on facebook' sessions and most importantly (e)a step-wise 'how to make your campaign/marketing/ brand social' guide!

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