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Thursday, August 24

French Trotters & Surprise Branding

There is a store in Paris called the French Trotters. And the guys have put a new spin on retail. Retail shops as we have known them are about fixed menu of brands and standardised fare. You know what to expect from a Shoppers Stop or a Lifestyle. You know what sort of books would be available at Crossword.

But these gentlemen source the hottest goods from different cities around the world. Each season, a different city’s most cutting edge brands, labels and artists’ works are stocked – giving the style and aspiration seeker a chance to “travel” and discover something new and relatively unknown without having to actually get on a plane, scour the streets, and spend a lot of moolah and time along the way!

I found this whole retail business approach quite new age! In a recent interview Chuck Porter(of ad agency CP+B) had said that brands today need more surprise than consistency! And the store brand 'French Trotters' I feel is a step in that direction! Maybe a lot of lifestyle, leisure and luxury brands can take a 'surprise approach to branding'in the future. If you know of examples of 'Surprise Branding' in any category do post them... Cheers

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