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Monday, July 23

Made for Shade and other Thots

About a week ago had visited the SALE at the kids apparel store 'Gini & Jony' at Linking Road!
Each of the junior mannequins was sporting cool sun-glasses!

I find these days the distinction between kid stores and the adult ones are gradually blurring. (Perhaps I over-react as a parent of a 4 year old.) Well the odd thots I had that day...

1. The world of marketed 'cool', 'attitude' and 'style' dominate the world of innocence, fun and colours.

2. The world of children's stories is being replaced by fast-paced animation and hi-tech effects...

3. Children today are getting exposed to a more homogenised global/US culture far more than the Indian/local/ regional one...
While I grew up on stories recounted to me by my Dadi and Nani, most of Neo's stories unfold on VCDs and DVDs with characters from different cultures. I knew where my roots were. Don't think Neo does. Maybe it's not such a bad thing after all!

4. Unfortunately, I find my son believes that 'English' is a cooler language than 'Hindi'. More fashionable. He never talks in Hindi in malls and in air-conditioned environments!!

5. Media exposure, 'mall culture' and time-poor-money-rich parents have made kids more fashion-conscious. They pester for colour co-ordinated dress. They have strong POV on their ward-robe and daily dress codes:-)

Mental logbook : Create a list of words that I would never use for a children's brand, product, medium. I would definitely avoid - cool, sexy, attitude, rebellion...Young Neo with his own shades!!


meraj said...

the name Neo did it, Manish...its your fault :) (no am not criticizing the name...in fact, i find it very cool). the name represents his times

Irshad said...

Hi Manish,

Do you think there's any definite study done on 'pester power'? You mentioned #5, where parents have indavertantly (or maybe by design) pushed kids into becoming more adult dressers... wondering if it applies only to apparel or it reflects in things like food and choice of durables as well.