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Friday, July 13

Visual Post-Its

Since the time I got my Nokia E50, have switched to mobile life caching! My old faithful - the Nikon Cool Pix is lying mostly un-used. I guess it's the sheer convenience and a decent resolution that works in the favour of a camera phone!
Mayawati's fairly clear and ambitious vision statement on the road near Bandra Kurla Complex.
I hate both the term - 'Big B' and this senseless communication!
Neo's first digital painting! Little fingers fearlessly explore digital technology!The Lilavati Hospital lift-man and his ultra fancy cell-phone...Now what SEC is he?
Cell-phone ownership might be playing havoc with the traditional SEC classification in India! Looks like there is a decreasing/ un-predictable co-relation between the handset price and the MHI of the owner(at least in the metros)!

The table-top sticker at Barista. Simple and effective communication!


Zee said...

big b and nonsensical advtg......so true man!

Reshma Anand said...

i like the title - visual 'post-its'

Manish said...

Reshma - it's interesting how the camera is no more about memories alone. It's about observations, its about sharing, it's about creativity, it's about work, it's about time-pass. The 'photo' has lost its pedestalised sanctity! what say?

POOJA NAIR said...

I am waiting to have my own good resolution camera phone. Every day i see things that i would like to make a visual post-it of (as you beautifully termed it)

I fail to understand how drivers and liftmen think they can afford a phone that i feel i can not.

What is stopping me from getting that Microwave, washing machine, ipod, laptop and high-end phone??

Not only do we need to re-think the concept of SECs but also update our understanding of SEC behaviour. e.g SEC C&D are prepared to spend 3 times their monthly sallary on a luxury item.

Makes for an interesting study no?