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Sunday, July 15

Chain Ki Neend

Was browsing through the fashion/ lifestyle mag 'M', when I cane across this photograph. It's from the book - King, Commoner, Citizen - a selection of photographs by Prashant Panjiar..

"It's a collection that blends the somewhat incongruous contemporary lives of erstwhile Indian princes with the incredibly diverse, layered, euphoric, despairing and paradoxical existence of the common Indian"

A welcome relief from the sanitised picturescape of the glossies and large sections of the dailies and the 'advertised India'!


Sabu Mangalasserril said...

cool blog buddy...add me ....

Manish said...

thanks sabu...had a glance at your blog too! good thoughts there...cheers

meraj said...

love the first pic...remember seeing it somewhere long ago.


Manish said...

i think it appeared in India Today...even I had a sense of deja vu!