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Sunday, July 1

Hindustan Ka Dil Dekho

I quite liked the print avatar of the MP Tourism film!

Folk song meets comic book strip meets print ad.
Wish they had done a full pager:-)


meraj said...

had exactly the same thoughts when i saw the ad yesterday...or was it day before yest?

Manish said...

:-) think the day before yest.how was lonavala??

am sorry i have had to moderate the comment box prmarily because of the antics of a few idiots...

Manish said...
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Manish said...

Hey Meraj
what do i do about this
Absolut P***k! seems to be majorly obsessed with India Ad Rant.

Keeps on commenting his admiration for me under different names & gender:-)

Tanaya said...

Hey Mansh

I loved the ad..was talking to Aman my friend in ogilvy who is on MP tourism. he was telling me how they had to change the layout sequence for the print from the way it flows in the tvc because in one place the Khajuraho bit with the different different mating carvings were coming right under the pics of the religious places of visit and therefore times refused to print the ad in that manner because they said that religious fundamentalists were create an issue regarding the same.quiet hilarious.