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Sunday, July 22

How far will you travel to catch my eye-ball?

Pic. The Garnier Fructis bookmarks kept at the cash counter at the Oxford-Statesman Book Store in CP, New Delhi. If only there was a nice quote(environment-relevance) or a beauty tip(category relevance), the brand effort would have been so much more meaningful.Garnier Fructis product and logo again on the Railway Reservation Chart on a AC-3 compartment at the Kurla Station!

I think, two equally annoying 360 executions!

While I like the crafted, youthful look of most of Garnier Fructis TVCs and am a medium user of its anti-wrinkle creams, found this surround sound communication quite out-of-place!

Is this what 360deg thinking has become?


Kapil said...

Help me understand:

- Are you saying "Garnier" should not be on a reservation chart?


- Are you saying Garnier should not be on a "reservation chart" and could do more to engage railway commuters?

And about those bookmarks - I really wonder how a brand manager let it go without a message...

sujit said...

Not just on AC-3 compartments charts and bookmarks.Lastweek I was travelling from Mumbai to Ahmedabad by train and found Garnier Fructis product and logo on the Ticket! 360deg thinking!

Manish said...

Brands are everywhere. From potty seats to the back of consumers' head:-)

All 360 thinking is on a continuum. From 'annoying interruption' at one end to 'engaging interaction' at the other.

Now the brand/ marketer/ advertising team needs to make a choice and think creatively is all I meant to say!

Sharmista Nagarkatti said...

Hey Maansh,

It really surprises me to see how marketers will do anything and evrything to catch a person's attention (whether they have managed to gain that or no, noone knows). And what surprises me even further is that how advertising agencies will let the brand be everywhere and anywhere, with or without relevance. Have they forgotten that advertising at the end of the day is targetted at a particular section and that it should somehow help in the increase of sales?

Tanaya said...

Maybe a railway chart is not the best place to put it because to me the perception of the brand is not mass.. Its more high end to me because Their's TVC's generally have firang's in it and the rest are classy excutions which somehow i think wouldn't have a mass connect..So dont think putting it on a railway chart would help them in anyway.. Maybe Air tickets,

Book mark branding seems to be the latest craze i think cuz even when i went to crossword last week saw books marks with branding on them. Dnt know how much it really helps though because they are very ugly looking product pictures basically the adpats of maybe there press ads or watver.. think it could be more creative in terms of the shape and communication and somewhere maybe the headlines with books and the brand..

Correct me if i am wrong..