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Monday, November 17

BBH Zags Again

Just received an invite from the Ad Club Mumbai for the talk by the BBH boys(okay men) - John Hegarty, Nigel Bogle and Simon Sherwood on the 19th at Taj Landsend!!

And coincidentally read this article on adage.com about BBH's innovation division - Zag!

1. As the economic downturn worsens and agencies everywhere cut costs, Bartle Bogle Hegarty is doing something really different: diversifying into products such as vegetarian meals and personal alarms!!

2. Through Zag, the agency's brand-invention company, BBH's London office is creating its own brands and bringing them to market with joint-venture partners. The idea is to identify "brand lag" - areas where consumers are active but there are few brands.

3. Zag was launched in 2006 in the UK!! And recently opened a Zag office in New York.

4. And these are not pet projects. BBH hopes that Ila personal alarms will make $35 million a year in retail sales within three years, and that Pick Me vegetarian meals will be a $15 million retail business within a year!!

Great 'Zag stuff' and good inspiration for all of us...

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