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Thursday, May 14

Kuch Aur ZooZoo...

My friend Reshma sent me these making of the ZooZoo pix and Shubho wrote a note on the Zoozoos on fb which triggered some more zoozoo-istic thots!

- Conversations once started have a life of their own. You can't CONTROL them anymore...You can only(maybe) guide their course. You can't own the beta tape of the conversation. Nobody can...

- The more content you give-away, the more they get used, recycled/ threaded back/ enmeshed into the conversation. Here we need to think like Bollywood. The trivia around the actors/ stars, the shooting, the making of the ZooZoo DVD all become a part of the conversation.

- But why the hell would a brand(in this case Vodafone) with stuff to sell and a life beyond this one campaign to be lived invest so much thought into sth which would have a short shelf life in the larger scheme of things?

- Maybe in this converged increasingly digital-at-the-upper-crust era, there is space for small ancillary companies that can make a living out of fanning the branded conversations - the T shirt makers, the zoozoo-sodes guys, the zoozoo-phics(graphics maker), the zoozoo short films, the zoozoo games/ widgets.
It's like the ipod and it's eco-system...

- What we are witnessing is a mass ripple of adulation. Not so much for the brand but for the cute quotient of these funny characters, which can be digitally aggregated at digital hang-outs like facebook, youtube, etc. We now need companies and smart people to make use of this hanging out.

- What's the paid-for-coffee in the zoozoo barista? What's the top-up:-)

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Reshma Anand said...

check this out


who is offering the paid for coffee here and who is offering the top-up... is difficult to say :)