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Friday, May 29


I was planning to hold this post till sunday night when I would have blogged my departure from Mudra/ Tribal DDB.(Not that 48 hrs makes much difference:-) But since DigitalMedia already got wind here...here are the details!

Sometimes, mid-way through a job, your role starts mutating in a way which may not be to your liking! So, I decided to hang my digital boots which were getting a bit sooted(I hope there is a word like that) with analog dust.

I am joining The Futures Company as Principal Consultant. The Futures Company has been formed by the coming together of Henley Centre HeadlightVision and Yankelovich. This WPP entity is a pretty cool global trends, futures research and consultancy company. Got offices in the US, UK and India!

And am shifting base to Delhi/ Gurgaon. Will start the Delhi innings from July 1st week.

The blog stays, the rants stay...even though I may not be privy to agency insider information:-) Banking on my small group of friends inside agencies. And while I don this new hat of a consultant, I think I will remain an account planner(in spirit). The hats are quite interchangeable!


Dharmendra said...

Hearty congratulations. Can we meet before you leave for Delhi. Would love to spend an evening with you and discuss about value creation and the future world. Perhaps we could do some thing together in some way.

meraj said...

congrats and all the best, Mr Sinha!

it looks / sounds cool and happening. am sure you will enjoy yourself.


praneeth said...

Good luck Manish

praneeth said...

Good luck Manish

Manish said...

thanks guys!!!

Smiling Dolphin said...

Welcome to Gurgaon! And another breakfast at Lemon tree?

Ajay Gupta said...

Interesting! hv studied lil bit of futures at MICA..not sure whether its the same thing.


Neelanjana said...

Congrats. Do keep in touch:)