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Monday, May 11

Sorry, Not Much Fizz!!

Read the write-up on Appy Vs. Grappo Fizz at afaqs...

Quite like the on-air TVC, the digital effort is trying a bit too hard to be cool. You can check the site here at appyvsgrappo.com! (BTW, my friend Russell tells me it should have been Grappy and not Grappo; somewhere the sound of Grappo is not quite right and I agree with him)

I find it has a done-in48hrs-to-add-onto-mere-pass-bhi-digital-hai kind of feel! Creating engaging digital content requires far greater thought and craft skills...Or perhaps I am a bit too harsh on the effort.

While on the subject, stumbled upon this raging debate on the BBH Labs site - Why isn’t there more great work in the interactive space? and a response post by Tim Malbon - How to be Better at Digital or Interactive or New Media or WhateverTF it's called here...

1 comment:

Vivek Menon said...

Agree with your point..
The entire branding excercise could have been refined!!!