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Sunday, September 27

Tweet What You Eat and Other Thots

Was having an end of day quick chat an with ex-planner-colleague on twitter. She is a great user of the service, I an on-and-off user/critic/admirer:-)

And then in the morning discovered this small factoid about 'How Twitter may help you shed some extra kilos!'
Slim people worldwide are now posting their healthy food diet on 'Tweet what you eat'! Suddenly some ideas pop up in the mind on how we could use twitter(maybe they already are being used)

A ramble at the end of the day!

1. The Great India Discount Tweet. Tell where the biggest discounts are. With where it's convenient to park:-)

2. The 10pm what-movie-am-I-watching-tweet. One always keeps looking for people to do some post-movie-chat!

3. The weekend 'where-am-I-lunching-today' tweet or what's-great-on-the-menu tweet

4. The know-your-gadget-better tweet for the tech-challenged. Learning about the new gizmo one tweet at a time!

The trick I guess is to be more useful in a less and less obtrusive way


Kapil said...

Yes. I am sure if u do a twitter search you will find a lot of channels giving out this info or maybe those #hastags which helps sort specific topic tweets.

Starmoviesindia is on twitter giving out little alerts. and some other retail stores too give out those discount news. And so on ...

interesting thoughts!

Manish said...

like i said , i find twitter difficult to keep up with...

it kills my already fragile attention span...

but i like skimming through my tweet-deck and think aloud!

what new news at your end?