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Saturday, October 20

Facebook Indigestion : Burp:-)

Like many of you, I have been poked by friends, acquaintances, distant friends, old friends, friends of friends, new friends, do-I-know you friends, once-a-year-Happy-New-Year friends and more(phew)...

I get flowers, and wine and nick-names & superlatives and messages on the wall/ upgraded wall, and in the process these drive me up the wall! Generally been twittered and jittered by all this thumb typing and social media.

I soldiered on because I felt if I protested, I would be deemed uncool or out of sync with facebook applications...Until Kajal sent me a mail with somewhat similar thots and sentiments...So, that makes it two of us. I am not the only one facing Facebook Indigestion...

As I surpass the Dunbar Limit/Number(=150) of meaningful relationships, wonder what happens when everyone is connected to everyone. And then we all twitter, skype and say similar things to each other and drive each other crazy!!

Maybe, it ain't that bad. Maybe it's just Ponting's hammering in the T20 match(going on now) that's affecting my thots:-). Or maybe all this is going a lil over-board...I am gonna spend more time with my real job:-), my offline family/community and real flowers and beer!!

Next post. Will touch upon Relationship Capital and the Asymmetric Value of relationships(in normal English, quantity affects the quality of relationships:-)

Disclaimer: I have gained awesomely through all this social networking and web 2.0. it's just that overdose of anything gets you diminishing returns!

Eno kahan hai:-)


This is it ! said...

Hey Manish, when i was reading this I could so relate to it. As a matter of fact i havent reverted to any of these gifts or even sent anyone a drink so far on facebook. But, what suprises me is that in the back of my mind i have the same guilt trip when i ignore someones forwarded SMS or phone call. I think this online family is adding to our responsibility towards maintaining relationships.

I have also noticed that poeple who have been explorers of Mobile telephony, constantly sending SMS's and calling people are the same set who twitter and jitter the most...

This is it ! said...

Hi Manish,

When i was reading it, i could so relate to it. So far i have not reverted or sent anyone a drink even. But, the strange part is that no matter how much i choose to ignore it, it feels like i have ignored someones SMS or phone call and that guilt trip in the back of my mind is quite unavoidable. I have also noticed that it is the same set of people who are explorers of Mobile telephony who thrive on this concept the most. And its to the fact that the friends who send you a forward SMS will send you a virtual flower or drink as well. And unfortunately i tend to ignore both.

This world is just adding to our responsibility towards maintaining human relations.

infiniteaims said...

Thats true !
You ignore someone, you are guilty.
I mean most of the times you do not even know who it is man.
It is virtual but we have brought ourselves to this state .
Social networking was a novelty few years back.
It is a pain now as you have the responsibility of keeping in touch with everyone who is there on your list.
This leads to a lazy ignorance instead of an active online community involvement.