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Wednesday, July 9

Teach India : Wish I Had Thot Of It

There often comes an idea you wish you had done it/ thought about it. The Teach India campaign from TOI is one suck kick-ass idea!

Brutally simple, yet immensely powerful and so sorely needed for India.

"Teach India" is an initiative by 'The Times of India' to help provide an equal opportunity for education to underprivileged children.

The aim of "Teach India" is to provide a platform to educated Indians to provide assistance in basic education to the unprivileged children.

"Teach India" will connect educated individuals with the specialist education providers.

'The Times of India' has tied up with select NGOs in the field of education in multiple cities across India.

Participants have to devote just 2 hours a day to teach underprivileged children, either in a formal environment or even informal teaching like story telling.

There were mote than 10K responses on day one. Some companies are volunteering batches of 50 employees for this...I just signed up!


POOJA NAIR said...

Congratulations on signing up!

Are they carrying this out across the country? Sounds like it will really make a difference!

they should take it further and follow the development of students through the years...

Did anything useful come out of the 'lead india' campaign? curious...

Manish said...

yes . at least across the top towns in the beginning ..

the big idea of the decade i wud say...Micro-teaching module!

Lead India - i don't know much about it...check on their web-site. i think they did manage to do some good work.

Teach India has more long term potential though!

meraj said...

taking out 2 hours a day in the busy corporate life of Mumbai / Delhi where half your day goes in travelling will be a little difficult. but, its a great idea.

reminded me of what we tried doing at erstwhile David.