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Friday, September 5

Bhagwan Aaye Bluetooth Se

We are currently doing this blue-tooth enabled promo on bus shelters for our client Cycle Agarbatti in Bombay. Essentially one can download ring-tones, Ganapati wall-paper, the cute Cycle Agarbatti radio spot(it's got a non-commercial ring to it) on the mobile phone...The bus-shelter also plays the aarti tune twice everyday.

Grateful to Suresh, the CEO of Telibrahma and his team for being the technology partner on this...

In isolation, it's not a big deal/ promo but it's good learning to play with technology ...Next is what:-)

P.S. More about this promo here


POOJA NAIR said...

I like the title of this post...:)

Manish said...


Kapil said...

Great idea. My first experience with a such a bluetooth download was in Goafest 2008 where we got the schedule and other tidbits when you switched on bluetooth.

The bus stop photo is not very clear? but did u guys put down any kind of call action which actions people to switch on the bluetooth around the bus stop?