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Saturday, September 6

Bluetooth, Bollywood Aur Bihar

There is so much happening around. Yesterday, was trying to get our Bluetooth bus-shelter up and running and then even ended up writing an article on Bluetooth Marketing...You can read it here...

This morning after a late start with some simulated fight sequences with my son, Neo came to the office to plug in few hours on my 'New Marketing and Bollywood' book. The blank page is scary...

As I was searching the web, came across Shekhar Kapur's post on Bihar Floods : Do we treat Bihar as a lost cause?

Actually my wife collected a whole lot of clothes and some money for the flood affected. She got in touch with an organisation called DoctorsForYou!!

Somewhere, Shekhar is right. There was more hype around the Arushi murder case in organised media than when 2 million people get affected in perhaps India's worst natural calamity!!

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