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Thursday, January 11

Truth Well Told - About what we do and not about McCann

Saurabh has this interesting post on How to explain to your Nani(granny), what planners do...Do read it! A problem all of us face at some point/ all times...

However, for some time now, I have held a contrarian view on the subject...

Why do I need to explain what I do to my bua, or nephew the way 'planning' is...

Does a NASA scientist or somebody who worked on the 'Genome' project or a professional bird watcher do that. Maybe/maybe not...

Why this insecurity/ anxiety/ constant need to justify what we do? Lets Chill!
The more convoluted the world thinks our job is, the better - the sundry accusations of self-indulgence notwithstanding!

Well what do I say to my circle of influence/ dependency(currently)

To my father - National Planning Director(guess he loves the words - National and Director). He still hasn't fogiven me for not sitting for the IAS:-)

To my mother - consumer research bordering on psychology..she is a psychology prof!!

To my brother - even paced life, okay money, a career I am passionate about. Don't think these days he cares(he is 22 and at P&G)

To my wife - no need to tell, she now knows an equal measure and though she is in HR, at times she is quite analytical like a planner...read - little room to BS her!

To my distant relatives - neighbour to SRK. "I must be doing sth good" LOL

To my nephews and nieces. I make the ads you see on TV. Truth(part) well told:-)

To my friends in marketing. You have the money, I have the time/fun...

To my son. My office is as good as your play-school. The only time he loves his planner papa more than his mamma...But then I am lucky with my office design...

To my students/ any student...account planning is a sexy career. You do what you want. Even some creatives/creative types now want to be planners LOL

Lets enjoy the art-n-craft...

Keep it simple and yet mysterious...
Pensive and Passionate
Gyan and Guts
Power and Power-point
Sensitivity and Soft power
Strategy and Tactics

The more I think the more I feel, Account planning is a huge continuum between 'Being a Rockstar' and 'Being a loser'.

Any thots/ vehement disagreements/ convivial convergence on the last comment!!

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Kapil said...

On a very serious note, I have been thinking of connecting with you one of these days and getting know more about the profile of an account planner. I am very interested in understanding this profile.

Can we have coffee post-work one of these days.. I am in Shree Ram Mills now.