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Friday, June 15

Divine Intervention

Saw this banner ad in Delhi. Translated in English it reads - Lord Shree Rama's setu(bridge) is being demolished. Do attend the historic mammoth rally in defence of 'Shree Rama's Bridge'

Amusing, isn't it!!


Anonymous said...

Watch your words boy. Do not insult the religions. Careful. Apologise.

Manish said...

I generally don't respond to anonymous comments....

Anyways do read this http://www.hindujagruti.org/news/article/hjs-other-campaigns/save-sri-ram-setu/fraud-scientist-defrauds-rss.html

meraj said...

there isnt any reason for the writer to apologize as he isnt 'insulting any religion'.

if you feel that he is doing so, then perhaps you are being unnecessarily hyper-sensitive about such issues like many others.

(no offences meant!)

Anonymous said...
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