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Tuesday, June 12

The Irony of Choice

A while ago I bought our new refrigerator. An LG frost free 330L from Vijay Sales.

However it was the most unsatisfying durable purchase ever!

There was plenty of choice and yet all of them looked alike! Tall, grey and handsome...LG looked like Samsung which looked like Whirlpool which in turn looked like Godrej...

Finally after 10 minutes of point-less comparison, we settled on LG. I wasn't convinced...But then we had to be back home in time for little Neo.

Rewind to 1997, when I bought my first Kelvinator in Chennai. A real beauty - 180litres of quiet direct-cool mechanism! I still miss it...It had character, a distinct identity( with its cherry red colour) and no post-purchase disonace!!

And I have been having these pre-and post purchase dissonance in almost all my white and brown good purchases in the recent past.

- I never know whether I have made a good/ best choice.
- When it comes to last mile differentiation, brands/ companies are relatively inept.
- There is a perennial fear of obsolescence at the back of the mind!!

Looks like the irony of the choice economy is here to stay!

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meraj said...

how true!