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Thursday, June 28

Expectation Management in a Brand Fatigued World

I remember at the Carnatic Music & Business Creativity work-shop that I attended some time back, my friend Ram had posed a question to Sridhar if brands can create excitement by controlling the supply.

In the past few days, two cult brands have demonstrated it. The first one is the most over-used power-pointed case study in the world(ipod) and the other the greatest 'children's rage' of the century(the Harry Potter series. Both have immaculately created an unprecedented hype around their launch!

It's a clever use of pre-launch PR and expectation management...
The Harry Potter count-down poster at the Crossword next to Neo's day care!

The iPhone fan-atic in NYC!


Anonymous said...

Your post reminds me of the decimentric theory where Wjeatley mentions that brands have egos much like humans. Brands are living things. Look what's happening with the iPhone. love the word 'Expectation Management'. It means everything and nothing. Bad suits use it a lot when they don't want to tell creatives that they can't really sell 'that' shit. It would make a great slide in a powerpoint. The client's mid-yawn and you say 'Now let's look at managing expectations'. I can hear the jaws on the floor.
Siddarth Deb

meraj said...

nice post!