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Friday, June 8

And Now User Generated Packaging

While the cola company is facing trouble in India, internationally it's embracing a design over-drive...Read a report in the ET today. Some pointers from the article!

1. Pepsi has changed it's design a mere 10 times in the last 109 years but it's ready to change it 35 times in the next 12 months!!

It reminds me of Alex Bogusky's comment that today the strength of brands is driven not by consistency but by surprise.

2. The designs include images relating to cars, music, fashion. the work being inspired by consumer 'passion points'.

3. After UGC(user-generated-content) now it's the turn of user-generated-packaging. In the US, Pepsi is launching a 'Design our Pepsi can' contest. Consumers get to submit their designs and even judge the designs of others based on a set of criteria set by Pepsi.

Packaging has always been one of the neglected, rigid and under-tapped areas of marketing. Hopefully, things will change fast. How will it impact the design companies though:-)

And what will happen to the Sacred Brand Manual? And clients and agency guys whose sole job was/ is to ensure the strictest adherence to the logo regime!!

Looks like in the future many logos will have the elasticity, the quirkiness and the topicality of the MTV logo!

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