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Friday, November 30

How Not To Be A Digital Agency Part 1

Like many analog agencies ours too is trying to be digital. The process began early this year in the Temple city of Siam Reap in Cambodia. Then we had some very engaging digital sessions in Singapore...

These are still early days into Being Digital...Still have tried to collate the lessons learnt/ and observations from around in my first steps into digital!(Not in any particular order or hierarchy of thot).

1. The game's not just about technology, its still about human psychology! Far too many CEO's are shying away from digital because they feel scared/ numbed by the technology buzz around. It's a pity. It just slows the entire digital thinking in the agency.

2. It's not about learn and do. It's about do and learn.

3. It's not about strategy first, it's a lot about execution first as well.
Digital is a far complex strategy-execution inter-linked game anyways which analog
agencies have difficulty understanding...

4. Digital thinking cannot be brought about by forced collaboration between different departments. It's about genuine conversation between people who call the shots and people who get it.

5. It's not about top-down or bottom up. it's about both at the same time!!

6. The pit-fall is to make 'digital' the new epi-centre of creativity and snob
appeal within the agency.

Let's chew on these. The next installment should come soon...

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