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Sunday, December 9

How Not To Be A Digital Agency Part 2

I had promised myself to stay away from the screen, the web and most things that connect back to work:-)...Am away on leave in Kerala(today in Munnar). Just came on the web for a while...

Okay lemme just post the second part of the 'How Not To Be...' thots...

7. It's not about the digital department or wing or cell. It's about the
digital projects.
Before you do the department and cell, get the projects. Somehow/ anyhow.

8. It's not only about learning. It's an equal dose of unlearning everyday. And believe me, the un-learning part is tougher!!

9. It's not about geography & branch turfs anymore...The digital agency must function across geography as a seamless talent hot group connected by technology. It's about structural tweaking. Get the CEO on your side...

10. It's not about creative and strategy and digital dudes. It's about 'problem
solving and creation using digital tools and platforms...Sounds obvious, but one hell of a tough task within the agency!

11. It's not about telling. It's an equal measure about selling. Internally, with clients. Digital Evangelism needed. And as many teachers as students:-)

12. Digital is not a technology or a platform or the debate about organic and
inorganic growth.

Digital is our business. The short term and the long term of it. Period.
P.S. Okay back to my holidays. Indiadrant will be back in full force around Dec 17!
(Tried to add some lovely Kerala pix but failed 6 times. I give up!!) Later...


Smiling Dolphin said...

liked both your posts by the way. guess it's not about being a digital agency at all, like it never was about being a television agency of a cinema agency:-)

Manish said...

You get it.But most people don't:-)Actually i suspect they don't want to get it. Yes that's the fuller truth.

Scared people love the comfort of existing silos...Wish i had the power to shake things up...:-)

But pure account planning has historically been an effeminate role/ job LOL