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Wednesday, March 12

Divorced from News TV!

A couple of months back, I divorced TV News...I couldn't take it any more!! I ended this relationship of many years...

I knew News as important, relevant, informative, timely...With a sense of purpose and perspective.

But the TRP happy, eye-ball hungry, entertainment-saturated, retarded news with dollops of tantric treacle, crime concoctions, horoscope horrors, XXX sex scandals. irrelevant, inane trivia garnished with gore & a messianic gumption finally weathered my patience and passivity!

So, I dumped Star News, CNN IBN, NDTV 24X7, Times Now and their ilk... These brands and their corporate owners have collectively reduced News to a market driven commodity! So, please chase your trapped eye-balls. Get their attention for free even as they pay a hefty price!!

But I want to pay for my News. I can afford it. Am willing to pay for quality. Am willing to pay for information. Am willing to pay to stay sane...I don't want your dumb feeds for free...

I know I am a minority. And have little idea of the size of this minority!! But my gut says there is a growing demand in the market for premium News TV. Or even a weekly Newstrack like DVD. Or maybe news clips on my cell, or youtube. Or video RSS feeds. The platform is not that important anymore...News is.

I think, I am one among a small breed of people in India who can be classified as 'News TV Divorcee'! LOL. Are you too?

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