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Monday, March 31

The Week That Was

If I had any notions that I would travel less in the new job, they got blown away in week 1 itself. With trips to Delhi and Chennai(actually the lovely beach at Mahabalipuram) looks like 2008 would be a near repeat of '07!!

The week-end itself was most memorable for some blue-sky chats with a close friend on 'new business ventures' in the 'hospitality space'...Something to really look forward to in '08...

Saw Rajat Kapoor's Mithya. Quite enjoyable. Ranbir Sheorey is very good. Though, I found Naseer Saheb & Vinay Pathak wasted in smallish roles. But Naseer was enjoying himself as the flashy gangster with snake-skin shoes and red glares!!

Read a nice write-up on the return of Chitrangada Singh by Nisha Susan in Tehelka(please subscribe to this mag if you haven't). You can catch up on this story here!

And finally Hal Riney, the maverick ad legend passed away earlier last week at 75. Check out Jeff Goodby's finely written piece as he reminisces about his mentor's friendship, complicated nature and 'The Moment' at adage.com here. Another write-up on the creative giant here...

Funnily, while re-arranging the stuff(physical, emotional, transactional) of my life to fit into a new job, the blog plays the role of that stable repository of thoughts and feelings that's contiguous. A placeholder that knows no boundaries of WPP or Omnicom...LOL

This week - Goah!!

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