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Monday, June 2

CEAT : Born Tough. Died Unceremoniously

It's the season of random logo changes(or so I feel). First Shoppers Stop, then Godrej, then agencyfaqs and of course CEAT. And all of them have been big disappointments!!

CEAT has been the most beguiling, bewildering of all the logo changes. Ray & Keshawan have produced another characterless dud. My favourite Rhino has been killed!!

Of course the company cites some insipid research where consumers have said the logo is old and the rhino slothful. Alas the consumers were projecting their impressions of the company on the logo!

Anyways, once again Change is for the worse, Change is bloody expensive(apparently CEAT is burning 10 crores on the Ogilvy made ad campaign and Change is confusing as hell...

The Rhino and Born Tough were iconic emblems of brand CEAT. They could have been easily contemporised...

These days many clients brief design agencies independently on corporate brand changes without keeping the ad agency in the loop. The end result is often a disconnected change bereft of the brand history and context!!

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POOJA NAIR said...

i went through the same thoughts when i saw the changed version.

FGDs have become a fad and there are too many people doing it. but alas! too few know to extract what the respondents are saying.

Its easy to blindly act on the respondents words. Its a task to understand what the respondent really means.

I agree. They should have simply contemporized the logo.

Saad said...

Havent seen the new logo. Is there a link in your post? Didnt find it.

They should've made the logo bigger. That fixes nearly everything.

- Saad