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Wednesday, October 29

Roadshow Romeo : 5 1/2 Thoughts

Didn't really think could get around to doing a post during Diwali break. But here I am...typing hard on the clanky keyboard while Neo sleeps...

1. Saw Roadside Romeo yesterday - Neo, his mama and myself in a theatre in Patna called Ashok - Rajdhani Ka Gaurav. It's a 59 year old theatre that doesn't hide it's age. Musty, somewhat smelly but full of happy memories from my childhood!!

2. You can read a quick review by Subhash K Jha here...

3. I enjoyed the movie and so did Neo. Though not sure, who liked it more...LOL. Technically, (with my limited exposure) I feel it's perhaps the best made Indian animation fillum till date. The Disney magic touch is definitely there. And the arranged marriage between Yash Raj films and Disney has worked!!

4. Though it's a bit difficult to slot the movie for any particular age-group. It's needlessly romantic/ syrupy for a kiddy film. 5 year old Neo was yawning through the second half...Too simplistic and linear for the movie buff. Too Bollywood for the animation purist. But I guess this is the first of a new wave. The Bollywood effect on animated movies has just begun. Maybe this is how Bollywood could enter the global movie market.

5. Javed Jaffrey as Charlie Anna is just too good. His seasoned voice brings great vigour and vivacity to the slum-lord's role!! Maybe there is life beyond the movie for Charlie Anna.

51/2. Neo has declared he will watch it again on VCD, so there you are - the TG has given a thumbs up! But the Rajdhaani Ka Gaurav didn't have pop-corn(Unpardonable)!!!


meraj said...

i remember seeing 'Bombay' in Rajdhani Ka Gaurav, full with guys outside the theaer selling tickets in 'BLACK', then some guys getting beaten up because they were paying extra attention to some girls and then finally the the sound of bottle opener running through the bottles inside the theater, spoiling the lovely Rahman numbers.

on another note, the title of this post reads more like(at least to me) Fifty One by Two Thoughts and i was wondering how did you manage to put together so many thoughts :)

Manish said...

ah you are right, it did look like 51/2...have changed:-)

actually when you said the sound of the bottle opener, I cud actually hear it:-)

well nothing much has changed at the 'rajdhaani ka gaurav' since the last few years. actually the pace of change is slower than in a metro so our rapid eyes don't register it. Or so I feel...