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Thursday, November 23

Mumbai Musings II

Another common sight in many metros and Indian cities today! The water-tank-retro-looks is a perfect 'Out-Of-Home' media. It just needs a little bit of added design touch to make it retro-cool and you invent another medium to show-case brands from apparel to lifestyle to Bollywood movies:-)

Just like in creative plots, media needs to bring in more surprise...In an attention starved world, the zagged canvas of creativity, landscape gets noticed!


pooR_Planner said...

I'd also love to see the revival of wall graffiti in it's spurced-up version (barring political message and vote cast etc.) ... canvas all around us... needs a thinking mind and creatives 2.0 from agencies to give it a fresh look.

Manish said...

hey roop...chk my article on afaqs today!

yes, am talking to my client Mumbai Mirror on the reading corner idea!