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Wednesday, November 8

India in Numbers

Mera Number Aayega
Numbers give a perspective to life around us. While I am not really quant-obsessed, I love relevant statistics. It helps close arguments. Vaidate hypotheses in new business pitches, etc.

Numbers help plug the gaps in thoughts. Hypotheses. And everywhere else!

Some India, Chindia and India Vs US numbers:

1. The median age for Indians is 24.9 years, compared to 32.7 years for the Chinese.
2. There are 17,189 colleges and universities in India, while the US has 4182.
Of course hundreds of them may have dubious infrastructure...

3. 23 mn Indians watch movies daily, against an impressive 20 mn in the US.
4. 86% Indians have access to clean water, in comparison to 77% in China. I am surprised!!

5. India has 32 Internet subscribers per 1000 people, China has 73
6. It takes a company 264 hrs to file taxes in India, compared to 325 hrs in the US.

7. 125 Fortune 500 companies have research bases in India, while China has a whopping 400 of them!
8. 300 TV channels in India in 2005 compared to 112 in 2000.

9. 12,500 single screens in India compared to just 1629 in the US. India has 250 multiplexes while the US has 1523!
10. 108 mn homes with TV sets in India. It's the same as in the US. But while India has only 51% TV penetration, the US has 100% TV coverage!

11. Among the English newspaper reading audience the men to women ratio is 65:35.
12. 7000 homes with people meters in India vs 20,000 in the US.

13.18.57 cr people listen to the radio at least once a week. Each person listens to an average of 90 minutes per week.
14. Indians spend 2 hrs watching the TV every week compared to 6hrs in the US.

15. Rs. 13,200 cr advertising revenues in India('05) which is 0.34% of the GDP while the global average is 0.98% of the GDP.
16. $30mn is the annual market for gaming in India('05 figures, the category is growing exponentially) compared to an enormous $10bn in the US.

17. 1050 movies produced in India. The US figure was 250 in 2005.
18. 11,000 visitors go to the Red Fort everyday compared to 16,000 visitors who troop daily to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

19. The size of the Indian animation market is $285 mn. The global animation market $25 bn in 2005.
20. Rs. 920 cr gross expenditure on R&D for every citizen. China spends 3 times more and the US 50 times more than us!!

Maybe its a good idea to compile them together...Chindia is a good turf to be experts at!

Do send me interesting stats if you are hoarding them on your server/ hard disk/ CD!

Source : India Today


pooR_Planner said...

Interesting Future Techno Figures:
1. Mobile TV will be worth USD 27 bn by 2010.
2. Disney will distribute ABC's hit LOST to 3.2 million mobile users in UK.
3. Disney will also bring DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES to 24 million Vodafone subscribers in Italy

Holiday Season Fun Figures:
According to Deloitte & Touche
1. 66% Americans plan to buy gift cards during this years X mas
2. 35% prefers recieving gift cards to traditional merchandise for a holiday present.

Tween & Teen Figures:
1. Nearly 8 out of 10 Asian American teenagers think their racial group sets trends in technology & gadgets.
2. 72% say their racial group is a leader in videogaming.
3. 66% feels, Asian American score high on Culinary Arts
4. 62% feels, Asian Americans also score high on visual arts
5. But only 35% feels
Asian American are trendsetter in music.

Source: Advertising Age, PR Newswire, Youth Market Alerts.

Manish said...

hey roop, excellent figures...thanks!
why don't you rope in some other bangalore planners onto indiadrant...
what are the RSS feeds you subscribe to?

pooR_Planner said...

I have already directed the guys I know to Indiadrant... maybe will send them another reminder.

pooR_Planner said...

Check out Playstation 3's new website ...


Anonymous said...


Here is another list of numbers comparing China and India

Manish said...

these china links are awesome....thanks ...but who are you?