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Saturday, November 25

The Changing Landscape of Outdoor

In a linearly laid out city like Mumbai, where a bulk of the population passes along a straight road cutting through the heart of the city, outdoor assumes greater importance. No wonder the real estate of OOH advertising is sky high!

However, the medium is exploited to its hilt by new innovations every single day. This beautifully constructed model of Ginger Hotels near the Mahim causeway - the experimental lab for most OOH innovations in Mumbai is the latest example of stretching the outdoor definition!

I even saw a guy at the work station in this model the day before!

I feel as a medium outdoor(OOH) still has a lot of untapped 360 potential...
It can be made ever more engaging, memorable and magnificent!
Do mail me any examples of innovative OOH that you have come across recently( any city)!


Manish said...

catch more details on http://www.agencyfaqs.com/ today:-)

Jigs said...

i asked a few of my friends in college what they thought of the ginger OOH idea and most of them it was a good ad. But guess what, most of them who didnt know what Ginger was, felt it was an ad for home furniture!!!!

And i dont blame them.

Manish said...

i dont blame them either...Lesson for us ...We must idiot proof our messages... else it might get lost in the clutter out there...thanks jigs!