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Monday, November 27

Greenpeace and Guerrilla Marketing

Mumbai has been witness to the guerrilla tactics of Greenpeace last fortnight! The Greenpeace pirates as they are called went to the Churchgate Mocha, MMK college(Bandra) and elsewhere changing filament bulbs with CFL ones...The cause - cut down on electricity consumption in the city! This guerrilla tactic is the most creative campaign I have seen this month!

My own encounter was a brief 5 min chat with a Greenpeace volunteer some days back!

The cause - Greenpeace struggle to convince BMC to change all the filament bulbs with CFL. CFL consumes some 5 times less power and lasts 10 times longer!
No hype, no hard-sell. The commitment Rs. 150 per month.

Greenpeace exists because our fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.

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