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Thursday, March 8

Thots on a Thursday

I am waiting at the airport to go to Chennai for a new business pitch on an interesting account! Haven't made my power-point yet:-)

These days I get a kick not just by what I put into the power-point but also how quickly I assemble the entire collage of slides/ ideas...It's sort of my race against time/ deadline/ boredom/ plandom...

Anyways, I love the busy solitude of an airport!! You feel you are between cities. Between work and home. A stranger in your own city! It's also a great place to get different ideas(at least it works that way for me)...

So while I wait these thots flitted on this lazy Thursday afternoon...
Of course these are broad brush stroke generalities!

1. All of us are 'informing ourselves to death'(I think it's also the title of a Neil Postman article).

2. It's possible to fill up your mind with so much stuff that there's no place for anything new!

3. Is the rate of change inside me greater than the rate of change outside me? Is it possible to measure this...

4. How does one measure the size of a new idea? What would the unit be?

5. Which is the most creative industry in India? Is it outside of media...

6. What if I don't read for a year? Will it affect the quality of my thinking?

7. In an over-stimulated world, how can communication create interest every time?
What are the new rules/ models of engagement?

Okay, here's the last and final call for boarding...Must go!


Sandeep Sood said...

6. What if I don't read for a year? Will it affect the quality of my thinking?

This is one I always think about. Sometimes, stepping away from the noise for a week is invaluable.

I also see this with the entrepreneurs I meet for development contracts...it's as if all their ideas must adjust to the context of 5 minutes ago - a constant, impossible battle.

'we don't think that Yahoo's social networking announcement yesterday will affect the potential success of our product...nor do we think that Google's acquisition of company x will blah blah blah...'

HUH? Dude, just figure out what works for you, not waste time reading up on the melodrama of everyone else trying to figure it out at the same time.

pooR_Planner said...

It was information era a decade back, now its an era of mis/information overload. I think it is important for us to develop a filter mechanism which will give us only the right amount of relevant information and our brain should do the rest of decoding.

Solitude will become the most valuable mental medicine for any person in the years to come. And am sure some will be able to create a change measuring scale, which will tell us the change percentage of a person vs our environment.

Leaves me with only one question - if knowledge is power, what happens when every single person acquires the same knowledge? How will power be measured then?

Manish said...

wisdom > knowledge
intuition > data :-)

Manish said...

yes, stepping out has worked for me as well...
immediacy and urgency cloud our judgement all the time!!

went to nagarhole for a week before the year started...was the most productive period for me..

you may want to read these drifts that i penned then