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Monday, March 5

Open Source Creativity

Was chatting with a fellow planner who said she is 1/4 copy-writer, 3/4 planner...Well I too think/ feel/ believe to be part copy-writer-part planner:-)

This reminded me of some print ads that me and my friend Shantanu had done while at TBWA - the agency where I think I was the most prolific!

Agency : Open Source
Ideators : Shantanu + Manish
Art : Prashant

This is roughly how I think it happened.
1. We were at a TBWA party, getting drunk and bored.
2. The discussion somehow veered around to the subject of 'Tsunami'. A spirited
Shantanu mouthed this nice line - 'Duniya Se Dard Mita De'. We
felt we had to use it somewhere!
3. Next morning, we exictedly plugged it to a creative team.
4. Waited for about a month. Nothing much happened. More dard:-)
5. Then I had this Bollywood idea.
6. Roped in Prashant - the art guy...who gave this look!
7. Then Shantanu left and we waited another 2-3 months before we presented these
ads to the client along with a media plan! Ambrish was a great help!
8. The client liked and approved the ads.
9. Then I quit TBWA.
10. The ads were given a quiet burial...End of 'Open Source'

Shantanu - Apne dard ki kya dava hai??LOL


pooR_Planner said...

Wow. Agree with the 1/4th copywriter and 3/4th planner bit. Is there a way to revive Open Source again? Know few junior guys/gals out here in Bangalore dying to work on good briefs openly (err, I mean to showcase their work.)

'Duniya se dard mita de' is a great thought. It does fit into another two product categories - life insurance and chappal. Thinking loud ;-)

Manish said...

thanks...lets talk on this!

Thinks Heyz said...
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FiNK said...

hey Manish- I loved these ads, and I'm glad you liked my thot of being part copywriter, part planner =) newayz I think planners need to be multi skilled and learn about different things every single day! pour example, today I learnt about the American senate and house of reps and how the voting system works! the more I learn, the more I realise I have to learn =) vive la curiousity

Manish said...

shukriya Fink...

well on planners - i feel we(at least the thotblurb linked ones) are getting way too ahead on the learning cirveLOL

maybe we need to take others with us or maybe we need to start our own communications firm soon...

my current deadline is 2010!!