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Saturday, January 12

Kick Ass Manifesto

You can read it better here!

Stumbled upon this kick-ass manifesto of Webchutney, amongst India's hottest/ coolest digital full service agencies...Have a dekko at their blog here!

Don't think any Indian traditional offline agency has a blog yet! Correct me if I am wrong!

You can find 3 real cool webchutney virals here...(viral classics like Thakur Ka Inteqam, Makkad-man and Ali Baba(done for the Airtel ring-tone) LOL


Sidharth said...

hey manish, thanks for the post! you gotta a pretty interesting blog... Cheers, Sidharth

praneeth said...

Mindshare have one if i am not wrong

c2w juss started a blog