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Monday, February 18

The Danger of Getting Dooced!!

Came across this word - Dooced at the Urban Dictionary

dooced : Getting fired because of something that you wrote in your blog.

"Blogger Heather B. Armstrong coined the phrase in 2002, after she was fired from her Web design job for writing about work and colleagues on her blog, Dooce.com" (Source: Yahoo.com)

Last October, Delta Air Lines flight attendant Ellen Simonetti was fired, she said, for what her supervisor called a misuse of uniform. Simonetti had posted on her personal blog, Queen of Sky (now called Diary of a Fired Flight Attendant), pictures of herself, in her uniform, on an empty plane. Her blog also contained thinly veiled work stories.
(Yahoo! News)

Thank God for low internet usage and lower blog readership in India!! LOL
Picture Source : www.blogwriteforceos.com


NoillyP said...

Blimey. You'd think that companies would be a bit more open minded than that (nevermind all the negative publicity they get afterwards!)

Tanaya said...

Yeah agree.. maybe acknoledging employee concerns and using it positively would do more good to companies..

But LOL seriously for all that is discussed over blogs manish i agree with u that thank god internet is low on everyone's radar.. :-)

soumya mukerji said...

Hmmm.. recently a CNN producer was also fired over his blog... you can check out the story here: