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Friday, February 8

Brand Blogs - Hat Na Re

Read this write-up in DNAindia on branded cartoon characters.

- Mumbai-based Phonethics is one firm which is tapping into the new opportunity. It has developed around 20 characters and is licensing them to various brands. (But my 7 min minute google-n-yahoo searches couldn't get me the web-site). Help!

- Sometime back, when Sony introduced Chaalbaz No.1, it used Mian Fekoo, a character based on a street poet, from Phonethics. Content in the form of videos, experiences and ideas were then posted on a blog, where nearly 25,000 hits were generated.

- Other characters include Farmao Jaan, Mr. Madhuri and Bhakt Harvakt. All of them have certain unique traits and mannerisms. Phonethics is now planning to create around 150 such characters!! Must say, they look and sound quite kewl!

- Phonethics clients include Tata Motors, Sony Entertainment Television and Nokia. Nokia is also planning to have a similar strategy for the launch of N82 and has roped in the company to design a character!

I feel these characters are important to mainstream digital platforms and offerings. Used well, they can demystify technology.

Technology brands need to hand-hold the consumers (early and late majority) and educate them a lot. And these characters can help do that!


Kapil said...

I am not sure if brands are going to pay for this kind of quality. I didn't seem to like them very much. Infact I think the virals created by Webchutney have a better quality of design.

Tanaya said...

Yeah agree.. like the webchutney ones better.. was thinking of telling you that all the virals created by several digital agencies including webchutney are up on agencyfaqs.. m sure u must have seen them but just incase u havent..it under digital .. campaigns and then campaign archives..

Santy said...

try www.phonethics.in for their website.
remember, we presented 5 characters named NShankar to simplfy the nseries brand