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Sunday, February 17

Youngistaan - Quite Dumbistaan

Saw the new Pepsi film on air. It's been talked about in ET and agencyfaqs

I found it quite dumbistaan. Though, my wife says am too old to evaluate 'youngistaan':-(

SRK is wasted and frankly as Deepika's bade bhaiyya, in the immediate aftermath of the sizzling pairing with her in Om Shanti Om is a bit off-putting!!

Ranbir looks stupid as always! But maybe, it's just me and my blogistaan that thinks like this...

And yes, one more thing! For a brand that's so Youngistaan and all that, it forgot to upload the TVC on either agencyfaqs or youtube-istaan!! LOL


Spiritualmanager said...

I am with you.

Bhat's Blog said...

Given that they are supposedly targeting 'youngistan', they have taken an A for Apple approach without any subtlety. Notice the camera pans between 'young' and 'Hindustan' in the neon signs - as if to tell the audience, 'Hey look, don't miss this, this is how he gets the idea'. Crap. And SRK is at his hamming best.