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Monday, February 4

Tera Kya Hoga Johnny

Was reading Sudhir Mishra's post on the making of 'Khoya Khoya Chand'. You can read it on passionforcinema.com

Tucked at the bottom is this small reference to his forthcoming movie - 'Tera Kya Hoga Johnny' - a film about three people who wonder what’s going to happen to Johnny, this little street kid who sells coffee on the road.

He wonders what’s going to happen to them. They are all going haywire.

It’s about Bombay now. It’s also interesting to capture this transitory phase in Bombay. How it’s changing. The whole city is changing, in terms of architecture, the spaces. How they are being occupied by one kind of thing – malls, offices, commercial complexes.

The city is being taken over and in this transitory phase there’s this little kid who sells coffee.

Some time back, I had had similar thots on/about Bandra. How the quiet, quaint bylanes have been taken over by the builder lobby. Small cottages being razed to make way for ugly(mostly), glass-n-chrome highrises!

Steel over sensibility, aggressive architecture over aesthetics, business clamour over creative calm...Tujhe Kya Ho Gaya Bandra:-(

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Tanaya said...

i think thats the case with the whole of b'by.. a whole Delhi+NCR kind of development seems to happening around that city as well.. and i think except for parts of town where there really is no scope of doing anything further the entire city is a builders delight these days.. and bandra all the more cuz of the soon to begin sealink..
was checking out the property prices in mumbai on magicbricks just like that.. and wuallah! 450 sq feet for 1.3 crores in bandra, juhu, santacruz and i think the whole city.. places ranging from 1 crore to 40 crores and stuff.. lol! wat can u fit in 450 sq feet.. lol:p