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Thursday, February 14

The Great Pink Stink

This day, last year had written this post.
It's Valentine's again & pink is haunting like a ghost!

Roses & hearts & Archies are back with a vengeance.
Painting malls, pubs, skylines, all the Bandra fence!

Raju Srivastava on Radio, was good in cameo parts.
Annoying as hell he is as the new ambassador of hearts!

Diamond talk is the new topic of the week/day.
As if they are unripe Alphonsoes sold in May!

Dr. Mallaya launched a vodka coloured PINK.
Cars, condoms, caviar marketing - all blushing in sync!

Raj Saheb, if you are feeling out of work.
North Indians ko chhodiye, focus on these jerk(s)!

Akhha India is threatened by love-virus PINK.
Somebody please help harpic this new urban stink!

Tip: Buy your roses tomorrow, it's not a big deal.
Your Valentine will be livid, but you will get a great deal!!

Happy Valentine's Day:-)

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