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Wednesday, February 13

What do the advertisers get in exchange4media?

Well above is the screen grap of exchange4media...Since there is hardly any content on this page, I have never really bothered to look at any of the ads...

I think the scientific term for this is inattentive blindness:-)

Dainik Jagran, Vanita, Radio One, Radio Dhamaal, Big FM, Dainik Bhaskar, Jagran Solutions, Sahara One, Radio Mirchi, Outlook - that's some 10 brands trying to get my in-attention...LOL

Clutter is as bad in virtual real estate as in the real world!

I feel it's the worst designed media web-site...But maybe exchange4media has high-resolution retinal scan to measure effectiveness and eyeball-enthusiasm:-)

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Kapil said...

Is it assumed that we advertising/media folks view such industry websites with a very different perspective than a consumer looking at an indiatimes.com or rediff.com ?

Do we "LOOK HARD" at ads because we are ad guys?

Hence the assumed clutter we are bombarded with at such a website.