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Monday, August 11

Abhinav Bindra, Facebook and Reactive Adulation

Friend of mine just sent this Facebook link...

'Bhavneet invited you to join the Facebook group "Thank you Abhinav Bindra- India's first Individual Gold Medalist".

To see more details and confirm this group invitation, follow the link below:
http://www.facebook.com/n/?group.php&gid=22391217967. Or click here.

I felt good in the morning that our individual Gold jinx has been broken. But this sudden out-pouring of enthusiasm and adulation on the mobile and the Internet is so typical of our reactive stance and arm-chair participation. Or maybe I am plain old cynical:-)

Congratulations Abhinav Bindra!!


POOJA NAIR said...

Perhaps... feels good though! :)

Anbuchezhian said...

Hi Manish

Very true. I thought what you have written mirrored my thoughts as well :)

Saurabh Sharma said...

Warning: This is an Emotional outburst
Being and Indian out of India perhaps makes me look at India a little differently now. Perhaps a little more objectively than what I used to when I was in the center of it all.
India's one medal glory is definitely good and would help media feed their headlines and 'breaking news' slots for at least a few days (and we would get a break from hearing about the UFO who took neighbour's cow) but when I see 22 Golds in less than 10 days, for the country where I am living in, I just feel how we have completely, entirely missed the bus and yet we are totally unaware of it..

Aaj pandrah August hai, main man ka main man mein hi rakhunga..

Azaadi Mubarak doston! Aur Gold medal bhi..