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Friday, August 22

Phoonk and Ramu's Marketing Stunt

I love Ram Gopal Varma for his crazy and scary movies!! Though I couldn't muster enough courage to see RGVK Aag(came back from the ticket counter:-)

I was not aware of this movie promotion for Phoonk! My planner, Sonal just pointed out! Apparently Ramu is going to give 5 lacs to the person who watches the entire movie all alone in the theatre!!

Some of the rules for the contest are: (1) The film will have to be seen from start to finish, without an interval.(2) No cell phones will be allowed inside the theatre, which will be fitted with cameras to monitor the contestant.

Read the details here...

That's some kick-ass marketing idea!! You can see the Phoonk Trailer here...And Phoonk's officla web-site is here...

That reminds me I worked on the online strategy plan for Farhan's Rock On earlier this month...But it's gathering dust at the moment(the plan that is:-)


manuscrypts said...

considering RGV's recent movies, its a scary proposition anyway, forget the genre... it should be easy to win though, quite likely that any viewer might be the only guy left by the time the show ends..
you really should do a twitter search to check out the phoonking stuff us poor viewers have been upto ;)

Manish said...

he he ... yes the reviews are quite bad!

Anbuchezhian said...

Somebody in Bangalore has booked one of the screens at INOX by paying 50,000/ to take this challenge.

Am not sure what happened. Curious to figure out what happened.....

Manish said...

hey let me know what heppened in case you get to hear!

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Tanaya said...

last i read yesterday RGV is under scanner as they are not giving the contestants the promised 5 lakhs after they watched the mvie alone.

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