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Tuesday, October 10

Nu Lngvg Of Brndng

A while ago, I had written about some words losing meaning..., I carry on from there...

There are some brands that have started to create a language of there own. Case in point being Motorola, iPod, Absolut...

Razr(Razor) is the third most popular hand-held device in the history of man-kind after iPod and the Blackberry. Launched in end 2004, sales are 50m strong! But razor was no branding fluke from Ed Zander's stable...The branding continues with SLVR(silver) - the slim candy bar shaped alternative to RAZR's clamshell design, the KRZR(crazer), a narrower version of the RAZR that went on sale in America last week. The PEBL(pebble) - With chic simplicity, this subtly stylish Moto adds a calming convenience to one's everyday travels( that's what the web-site says...)

Motorola's next move is a new range of phones called SCPL(scalpel) - a low cost slim line phone aimed at customers in the developing world.

1. This branding nomenclature has an indelible 'moto' stamp on it.
2. The transition from 'Motorola' to 'Moto' itself is a brilliant cross-over from the old and techy world to the youthful energy of design and consumer lingo!
3. It's cooler and more relatable compared to the number science of Nokia( okay they have Vertu and stuff)
4. The nomenclature sums up 'mobile world-views'- razr, pebl, scpl, etc.
5. It provides a language and grammer of communication which stands apart.
6. It's a word and visual short-hand...

Similarly, the iPod has invented an eco-system around 'i' - itunes, iphones, italk, ithis, ithat, ieverything...

On surface, the Absolut strategy looked deviant and a one-off - that of grammatically incorrect brand names and sub-branding(Rasberri, Citron, Vanilia...)But you notice them, remember them, talk about them and they stand aprt in the vodka world! And there's the classic master of the trade- McLanguage!

It's a smart move. To invent new brand languages. Some other abused letters are 'X'( xtra, xtreme, now the Titan xylys - it already might be too late, too little) and 'e'( the entire internet and info e-brigade brands)

But the trick again is to be a lil deviant and the first to start a trend.

I am betting on 'y' - yNow, yGiveup, yBranding, y360, yTV, yDiscount, yBull-shit, ySlog, yBlog, yWork, yCricket, yIndia... hmmm yNot

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