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Thursday, October 19

Creativity for a Cause

This one's for a small group of people who have been associated with the iVolunteer project at David. That's Priya, Steve, Meraj and to a small extent myself!

Today, we went to Salaam Baalak Trust's office near JJ Hospital. Heena and Kavita (two of the 4 street children,the team above have been mentoring) wanted us to see their night shelter.(Meraj, we missed you!)

We managed to reach the shelter, a lil late...But we had a whole gang - Sangram-who tagged since he wanted to brief Priya and Steve on Radio One!!, Jigar and young Malhar.

Some observations...

1. I saw children and their genuine smiles. Honest smiles. We in the advertising business live with 'Close-Up' smiles of happy, good-looking families. But a genuine smile is so much more rare these days!

2. Mamaji sang from his heart. And Ashreen/Afreen( sorry I may have mixed up her name) sang beautifully. In fact she had penned her own song.Again the experience was so different from the choreographed music based shows on TV.

3. There was so much pride and honesty when Kavita was telling us about the shelter and their day-to-day mundane activities.

4. Met Sonia - who had chucked up her Hutch job 2 years back and is now associated with SBT part time! Good to meet people chasing meaning not just money!

Coming back to creativity...And this part is relevant to all, beyond just the David iVolunteer team. Can we use our creativity to help children and other under-privileged sections of society.

Some action shoes...

1. Spoke to Misha. There is an opportunity to sponsor single parents. The project is near Bandra East. I am doing it. It would entail a cost of Rs 6K annually. Saurabh has also agreed to contribute. Josy was interested as well!

2. Sangram had a nice idea. The kids are really good in music. Can we ask our client Radio One to partner us in doing something for them. Raise awareness, reach out to sponsors. Spot some talent. Maybe make a small change in some one's life!

3. We also handle CNN IBN. Can we use Citizen Journalism to help the street children, prevent child abuse, do something special for the girl child!

4. Can we ask our client BBC to get some funding?

5. Can Tang do something for the SBT?

6. Intelenet also has an annual budget for social causes. Maybe Kumar can ask Sandeep to do their bit towards SBT...

If we all brainstorm, am sure we can come up with many more ideas.

It would be far more fulfilling to use our collective creativity for a cause...

Would be on leave for the next 10 days...So, most likely IndiAdRant would be shut from tomorrow. Happy Diwali!

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Jigs said...

It was indeed a great idea to go there. At the end of it, i don't know who perked up whom..but we all had smiles on our faces, so i guess it doesn't matter.

All i can say is, let's put on those action shoes. And run.