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Friday, October 20

Am taking a Diwali break. The blog will be back on Oct 30th!


Suman Srivastava said...

Happy Diwali to you. Hope you had a great time in Patna. Coincidentally I made a dash to Patna too. Went to see my Nani who is very unwell.


Divya Pratap said...

Hey Bro,

Hope you had a great trip. I had quite a decent trip. Wishing all of you and folks a great year ahead. Shubh Deepawali

meraj said...

your best posting so far...superb and simple! a great pic too...wah!

not that am not missing the regular postings...

btw, somehow this comment went to the diwali posting...was meant for this one.

Manish said...

divya, where did you go? jammu?
i came back last nite!